5 Life lessons From an 89-Year-Old Yoga Legend

5 Life lessons From an 89-Year-Old Yoga Legend

We are straight up inspired by this woman. Tao Porchon-Lynch is the kind of person we wish was our cool auntie Tao who tells inspiring stories of the days she marched with Gandhi, or what it was like in Hollywood in the 50s, or how she just won a ballroom dancing competition at the ripe young age of 89 in between showing us how to balance ever so gracefully in peacock pose.

Currently at 96 years of age, with decades of practicing and teaching yoga under belt, Porchon-Lynch shows no signs of slowing her routine, and in fact is actually getting ready to release her very own memoir in March. We can’t wait. Until then, here are just a few gems of wisdom from the grand dame of yoga, via Today.com.

5 Life Lessons from Tao Porchon-Lynch:

1. Start the day right: “When I get up in the morning, I don’t think about all the things that are going to happen, whether it’s good or bad. I say to myself, ‘This is going to be the best day of my life.’ ”

2. Age is just a number: “I don’t believe in age. When people ask me about age, I tell them to look at all the trees around them. They’re hundreds of years old. They may look as if they’re dying at the moment, but they’re not; they’re recycling themselves. And in a couple of months, they’re going to be reborn again.”

3. Dance like nobody’s watching: “Dancing makes you well again. You know, I fell and I’ve slipped. I’ve had everything, but I don’t let it take the better of me.”

4. Accentuate the positive: “Whatever you put in your mind materializes. So if you put negative thoughts, you draw toward you negative things. So be positive. Just look for good.”

5. Don’t procrastinate: “There’s nothing you can’t do, and you can just get up and enjoy life and see how wonderful it is. There’s so much to do, so little time to do it.”

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