Yogmata Keiko Aikawa On Women Leading The Pathway To Peace

Yogmata Keiko Aikawa On Women Leading The Pathway To Peace

Yogmata Keiko Aikawa shares how women can lead the way to a more enlightened era

Known as the first non-Indian woman to have attained Samadhi, Yogmata Keiko Aikawa has a great perspective on the world and where we’re headed. She has shared her wisdom all over the globe, including a trip to New York in March 2018, where she spoke at the Women’s UN Peace Summit: Women Leadership Advancing the Culture of Peace.

Yogmata Aikawa has always championed the power of meditation in the journey of the individual to inner peace, which must be attained before we can effect change in our own little corners of humanity.

“We should make it a habit to meditate in order to deepen awareness, observe the mind and try to be in the present,” she states. “There exists God deep within ourselves. It is a peace, everything is equal and there is no distinction. It is an essence which is filled with love. Everyone has that essence and we call it ‘God.’ Everything is born from there (that essence) and we connect to that place and think of it.”

Yogmata Aikawa assures that we each have that pure essence inside, and that we are all in this together literally.

“We should not be swayed by the difference of outward appearance,” she explains.

“Everything is one. Without being caught by the difference of color, difference of country, we need to live while respecting each other. We should not fight according to the difference of religion or politics.”

She reminds us of a truth that is often forgotten in the chaotic day-to-day of our culture: that we are born to cultivate humanity and serve.

“We are not born in order to fight,” she asserts. “We need to maintain peaceful mind without being controlled by desires and self-protection.”

But in today’s climate of deep uncertainty, that isn’t always easy to practice. To that, Yogmata Aikawa offers a mantra to start from: just be kind.

“Instead of saying nasty things or making attacks, we need to keep the morality, be kind to each other, understand and help each other,” she says.

A popular slogan in the West is “the future is female,” an idea that dovetails with the topic of Yogmata’s talk at the UN. Does she feel that a cultural shift is occurring where women can lead the way to a new culture of peace and enlightenment?

“Yes,” she responds emphatically.

“Women have a moon energy which heals. It is an energy of compassion.
If we meditate, evolve awareness and aim for enlightenment, this world becomes peaceful. For that to happen, women’s power is essential.”

And men can also learn and be affected positively from this change.

“It is desirable that women share their energy with men and that women and men grow and respect each other. If women cultivate compassion through meditation and share the compassion with men, men will be affected, and more and more men will start meditation and cultivate love.

“As a result, the world where everyone understands and helps each other instead of fighting is realized.”

Women are the future. So in the present, we need to not only set an example for our daughters, but to also clear a path for them to lead and thrive in.

“Meditate and pray that more peaceful world is realized,” suggests Yogmata Aikawa.

“Pray for 5 elements of the universe which are fire, wind, earth, water and space (nothingness). May the earth be peaceful. May the water be peaceful. May the fire be peaceful. May the wind be peaceful. May the space(nothingness) be peaceful.”

“These prayers are transmitted to children, and peace is maintained.”

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